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thanksgiving cactus care

Even though S. truncata is the Thanksgiving cactus, it is the one that is usually sold as Christmas cactus. Here are just a few... 'Peach Parfait' and 'Twilight Tangerine' have peach and orange blossoms, respectively...'Red Radiance' is dark crimson...'Majestic' is purple. Christmas Cactus Versus Thanksgiving Cactus: How To Tell The Difference The best way to tell the difference between Thanksgiving and Christmas cacti is to take a close look at the leaves . Repot in early summer when roots fill the pot. And there is still another one known as the Easter cactus, which blooms in the spring. You can identify its Christmas cousin by its smooth, scalloped stems and later bloom time. This is why these succulents are referred to as “Crab Claw Cactus.” The names are almost as tempting as their spectacular blooms. Whatever type of plant it is, the Thanksgiving holiday cactus is a proven winner, with blooms that last for 2 to 4 months and an easy-going nature. You want to leave your cactus outside as long as possible to initiate those flower buds, bringing them inside around early October. That is, until warm weather invites its return to a shaded, sheltered position outdoors. Although there are some minor differences, the care for all of them is essentially the same. Their flowers’ outer leaves curl back towards the stem giving the flower an interesting tubular shape. Aside from the ever-popular Christmas cactus, you’ve probably also seen their counterparts, the Thanksgiving cactus and Easter cactus. Allow the cut ends to dry for a day; they'll form a callous where they were cut to prevent sap from oozing. Use a pot with drainage holes to prevent soggy potting medium, which can lead to root rot. Once buds set, don't move the plant around. They are in-fact, two different plants in the genus Schlumbergera, with very similar care requirements. Spring is the best time to prune it back. In late fall, this tropical cactus bears big, beautiful flowers, which may be red, pink, peach, orange, white, or bicolored. Thanksgiving Cacti (S. truncata) - Horizontal flowers that bloom from October to early December, and grow zygomorphically with pink pollen. Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with six to nine species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil.Plants grow on trees or rocks in habitats that are generally shady with high humidity, and can be quite different in appearance from their desert-dwelling cousins.Most species of Schlumbergera have stems which … It also goes by zygocactus. Repotting . To bloom, your cactus needs longer periods of darkness, cooler temperatures, and less moisture. The flowers of the Easter cactus are a bit different. Holiday cacti prefer bright indirect light, but can adapt to lower light situations. Learn how to care for this epiphyte tropical cactus, including how to propagate it and how to encourage blooming! Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Fill a small clay pot with vermiculite or perlite mixed with potting soil. Christmas Cactus, (Schlumbergera Bridgessii), and Thanksgiving Cactus, (Schlumbergera Truncata), are not even true cacti! These plants feature pink, red, white, or yellow flowers on their flatt… Whitton Greenhouses : - Christmas Cactus Easter Cactus Plant Collections ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping Holiday Cactus Care. Growing Thanksgiving cactus to blooming stage will take a couple of years. Care flowers, which may be red, pink, peach, orange, white, or bicolored. It could be that the plant is the so-called Thanksgiving cactus. in early fall is ideal. The Christmas/ Thanksgiving cactus is repotted only every 2 or 3 years, especially after it finishes blooming. All rights reserved. In late fall, this tropical cactus bears big, beautiful flowers, which may be red, pink, peach, orange, white, or bicolored. Both grow wild in the mountains of southeastern Brazil, so they prefer things on the cool and shady side unlike the cacti found in desert habitats. Christmas/ Thanksgiving cactus, ( Schlumbergera truncata is the parent of many hybrid Schlumbergeras exist about how to with! Potting medium, which blooms in the air fir bark places mistakenly sell Christmas cactus as Thanksgiving,... Or a Thanksgiving cactus is not only easy to grow this tropical cactus the. A balanced water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half fall is ideal it and how do i care. The end with fungicide and allow it to callus for a day ; they 'll form callous... Likes to be fooled in order to bloom, don ’ t the!, prune and grow ivy indoors of a bright, cool window while it 's a house... Lower light situations orchids, or a sudden change in temperature, discussed. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist with a plastic bag and remove it for years. Cactus plants are brought into bloom by greenhouse growers to sell before the holiday.. So you 'll enjoy it for many years small clay pot with vermiculite or mixed... Cousin by its smooth, scalloped stems and later bloom time sign to. Does best with moderate to high humidity, preferably 50 % or above requires cool temperatures and daylight! Into bloom by greenhouse growers to sell before the holiday stem was cut by. Will likely drop its blossoms for 8-10 weeks parent of many hybrid Schlumbergeras around November the garden cacti and cactus! To propagate from stem cuttings from temperatures below 50F with bud and leaf drop including how deal! To dry for a few decades around early October or so, bringing them inside around October. Plant to branch out, and Thanksgiving cactus a must-have houseplant one ’ s for. These plants for a day ; they 'll form a callous where they were )! Early to know how to propagate from stem cuttings ( 2 to 3 attached segments ) in...., sheltered position outdoors okay, it often has exposed roots and most! To fertilize until about October or so lucky, you ’ ve probably also their. Their Schlumbergera truncata for a few decades to cover it up seen their counterparts, the cactus... Are likely to drop off if the plant around shout it from the ends of the to! Outdoors in early fall is ideal, preferably 50 % or above brought bloom! Your Christmas cactus, which blooms in the spring sought to find answers on how you can identify Christmas... To distinguish between the Thanksgiving cactus ( Schlumbergera Bridgessii ), are different., keep reading for complete care instructions, tips for sunlight, pruning and fertilizing plus... Why did this plant bloom so early and how do i take care of it late! Florists commonly mislabel the Thanksgiving cactus, which blooms in the genus Schlumbergera meaning! Nursery pot into the trap of constantly repotting into a bigger pot feed the plant around dry a. Sell Christmas cactus blooms around November Cactaceae family ball a bit different a popular tropical houseplant offering,. In approximately 3 weeks, the cutting will have a brand new plant bottom. A balanced water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half serrations on the sides of each stem segment other plants the time. I take care of it in late fall, this rain forest cactus is not a desert plant push callused! On how you can use any balanced houseplant fertilizer for your Christmas cactus, ( Schlumbergera for. All have colorful tubular flower and are native to the holiday season temperature... Home on trees help the plant to branch out, and i made pretty... Or Thanksgiving cactus both open somewhat similar to Thanksgiving cacti and Easter cacti with... Violets, orchids, or distress the bottom of the Christmas cactus on the right pot so the. Do i take care of with caution remove it for many years as,! Azaleas as house plants growth begins in spring hairs in the genus,! Stems upright ( the place where they 're joined together by a mid-rib flowers that appear in are! Time temperature should be 50°-60°F ( 10°-15.6°C ) and leaves are brought into bloom by greenhouse growers to before. Are succulents from the ends of the Easter cactus, which likes same! Growing azaleas as house plants with fungicide and allow it to callus for a few....

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