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guild wars 2 necromancer guide

This skill is the main damage dealing well for the Necromancer. We can use Superior Sharpening Stones to further capitalise on this bonus toughness and convert it into power. It also generates 10% life force on use. This should only be cast if you need to root an enemy for a specific reason or to help with damaging a bosses breakbar. The blast is only triggered when the mark is triggered which means the staff cannot be used to pre-stack might when out of combat. The self inflicted bleeds can also be used to gain a stronger heal from Consume Conditions or they can be transferred to the target using Deathly Swarm or Plague Signet. If Slaying Potions are a possibility then they are still the best choice. An alternative to PVE leveling entirely is to just play pvp, your character gets leveled automatically, and simply use the leveling tomes. It is primarily a condition focused off-hand weapon. Necromantic Corruption from Death Magic allows the self conditions from these abilities to be transferred via jagged horrors even if Deathly Swarm is not available. In such cases you should take Spectral Armour or trait for Foot in the Grave instead when you need stun breaks. Blood Magic provides the group with Vampiric Presence and gives you plenty of selfish sustain. It heals for a decent amount on a low recharge. You cannot use the greatsword, shouts or the new Reaper’s Shroud unless you have equipped the Reaper Specialisation as one of your 3 specialisation choices. This also helps defensively if you need to use Shroud to absorb damage frequently. They are more effective against multiple foes as their effects scale based on the number of enemies they hit. Otherwise, it can create its own army composed of undead minions and use them to roll over anyone standing in their path. The final hit of the chain applies 2 seconds of chill. It also poisons nearby enemies, provides a stun break and is a blast finisher. It also acts as a stun break with 1 second of stability to prevent it from being interrupted during the cast. This is mainly because it has very poor direct damage. There is one large portion of damage and 9 smaller hits which deal 10% of the large hit. Guild Wars offers players the chance to play as a Necromancer. This is the standard PvE gear most should use. Equipping this specialisation grants the Necromancer access to shouts, Reaper’s Shroud and the ability to use a greatsword. The Vampiric Mark has 25 stacks which when struck allies siphon health for each stack. This makes the skill very useful in groups which lack group projectile defence. It is home to some of the best PvE players in the game. It provides traits that increase durability and increase the effectiveness of minions. The build has a rather simple but long rotation. No respect for guys. And since it can be combined with other shroud skill one traits it can make solo builds that auto-attack in shroud very strong assuming they can maintain life force effectively. On targets above 50% health you should start with Gravedigger followed by Nightfall then drop both Wells. This skill creates a pulsing AoE which deals no damage and converts conditions on allies into boons. I main Necro and I play mostly PvE but I certainly do not neglect WvW and tPvP. Often dubbed as the king of the open world, the Necromancer can absorb as much damage as it can deal with essentially… Doom is an instant cast fear which has increased duration if you are within a range of 600 units. The bonus precision means you can cast both damaging wells and then immediately enter Lich form to guarantee that they critical hit on every pulse. The build is designed to be self reliant with condition damage. It’s like he forgot it exists. This skill has a relatively high recharge and PvE does not have a lot of boon heavy encounters. Blinding and making most of their attacks miss will provide your group with a lot of safety while bursting down the enemies with AoE. This trait inflicts weakness on critical hits and also casts Enfeeble on Shroud entry. For optimal usage you should start the fight by casting Locust Swarm and Reaper’s Touch, dropping both your damaging wells, entering Death Shroud and casting Tainted Shackles and then finally entering Lich Form and spamming Deathly Claws for as long as possible. Flashing Death Shroud will proc this on nearby foes. This is a very useful skill for pulling groups of enemies together so they can be bursted down quickly. As with other fields, care should be take to avoid overwriting more important combo fields. I prefer teammates that actually have fun with what they are doing than teammates who follow the meta just because it is meta. However its damage is quite low which makes it unfavourable in PvE. It provides protection to allies that pass through it and fear to enemies that try to pass through it. This trait reduces the recharge on spectral skills. The damage is spread out through 10 hits which should all hit if used in melee range of a target. It reads as it was written: by a speed-clearing pro, with not too much flexibility. However if you leave Shroud it will deactivate automatically. Alternatively for the DS build you can also use Strength runes if you expect to lack might from your group. This is the auto-attack for the axe. I also find the build section a bit thin. My favourite: The necromancer! Posts: 197 . Various traits on the core Necromancer can boost the effectiveness of this auto-attack to provide it with vuln and burn on hit. So spite is picked to take Signets of Suffering. To prevent this you would have to immobilise them first. In the progress of Guild Wars 2 gold making and Guild Wars 2 power leveling, necromancer profession not only has plenty of generic skills but also has a unique set of special skills. Important to note that Soul Spiral is a marginal damage increase unless used in a dark or fire field. Round a bunch of mobs, keep applying bleeds, help with Epidemic and just watch them die…, you cant read can you? You don’t want to be the guy who gets downed often in boss battles because he wanted to kill the boss 10 seconds faster. This isn’t a very strong trait in general for core Necromancers. It serves as a very selfish DPS class that uses a mixture of conditions and direct damage to deal with its foes. It also bounces between enemies and allies. This trait provides a flat damage boost to any foes who have no boons. This signet provides passive life force generation while in combat. So we take Decimate Defenses to maximise critical chance even when using Valkyrie gear. Maintaining this auto-attack chain on a target provides good bleed and poison condition pressure. This does not see a lot of use on dagger and scepter condition builds. It is also useful for other builds just to allow you to cast Tainted Shackles, Dark Path and Doom more frequently. Notes []. The main advantage of this skill comes from the secondary skill, Necrotic Traversal. Flesh Golem provides a better breakbar destroyer on a single target and their are better alternatives to getting chill. Guild Wars 2: Necromancer Class Preview Our Guild Wars 2 coverage continues with this in-depth look at the Necromancer class! This is especially useful against high threat groups of enemies. This is not a pve guide, this is a sheepification guide. When out of combat you can detonate a single blast and then swap to another utility because it will not go on recharge until you use both putrid explosions. The greatsword build is the absolute best direct damage build available to Necromancers. And is particularly useful on condition builds. Moreover, he has a special skill death shroud (using the unique life force), which increases his stamina and provides new attacks: Necromancer has rather limited choice of weapon, but his attacks are usually from distance and often cause negative effects, so often changes of equipment isn't necessary. You gain additional might per foe struck. Death Magic is chosen because it provides Deadly Strength which boosts your power based on your toughness. This means Lich form can be used as a long range burst elite. The number of conditions applied also synergies with the trait, Target the Weak. But it can save an allies life when used correctly. This can be either Plague Signet or Deathly Swarm. And since the heal is a life steal, it also adds just a teeny amount more to the overall DPS. But it would be much better to use a different form of CC to interrupt them during a pull or simply use Well of Darkness to blind them instead. This build is ideal for casual pugging due to its ease of play and easily obtained maximum potential. Using this build for tanking or just for pure damage is a strong choice for raids. Any build that wants to maximise the passive defence of Shroud or use minions should consider this specialisation. This makes it highly popular for Death Shroud builds on the base Necromancer. It deals bonus damage and grants extra life force and torment for each unique condition on the target. This skill makes the Reaper charge forward while dealing damage and blocking projectiles. Life Transfer is a channelled AoE direct damage attack that generates life force per target hit. For condition AOE build there is nothing better than scepter dagger. TLDR: meta-zerker guides are almost always dungeon guides, not inclusive of general PvE play. Which means on DS builds you should never stay in Shroud long enough for life force to drop below the threshold so that you would lose this bonus. Posting dungeon meta opinions (yes this is an opinion based article, not an objective one) don’t necessarily translate to claims of a general PvE guide. It can also be traited with Reaper’s Onslaught to gain increased attack speed. Making it much more effective as a burst elite. Auto-attack: Life Rend, Life Slash & Life Reap. Finally Grim Specter can be used as a condition cleanse for allies or a boon strip for enemies. Are these builds still current, and which one would be more beneficial for open world/ map completion etc.. . It is however good for generating emergency life force. The attack is a non projectile based attack which means you can use it on enemies that are reflecting. However care should be taken so that you do not overwrite other more important combo fields (fire, smoke, lightning) when using this skill. This is a must have trait for DS builds. Which in an organised group should be sufficient for the majority of boss fights currently in game. This is due to its range of conditions and the base condition pressure it provides along with its natural resilience against enemy conditions. The secondary skill, Rigor Mortis, provides two projectiles that apply 2 seconds of immobilise to the target. Which means you can flash Shroud to apply 3 stacks of vulnerability. I’m not saying these two are mutually exclusive though. Copyright © 2000 - 2021 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. I was playing a ranger but my guild needed necro’s so I switched, (I have lvl 80’s of all the professions) so it was not a difficult choice. This particular scholar profession is more of a bruiser type caster which prefers to get up close and personal with its enemies. They help with might and also boost condition damage. Necrotic Slash consists of two fast attacks followed by Necrotic Stab which deals more damage and restores 2% life force. It provides plenty of control and some decent supplementary AoE damage. It is focused on raw damage, self buffing and debuffing primarily through vulnerability stacking and some boon stripping. Which means you may require your teammates to place fields with your minions in mind (placing them on top of the minions are you summon them). This utility summons a Shadow Fiend which deals moderate damage in melee range. It also generates a small amount of life force. The Necromancer has the highest base health pool in the game, equal to that of the warrior. If you need to range then just swap in staff. It is a corruption skill so it applies vulnerability to yourself after casting and is affected by the master of corruption trait. Which makes it quite useful just for that. This shout skill converts boons on enemies into vulnerability and makes the Reaper’s attacks unblockable for a short duration. You don’t have to run zerkers (except to get into some leet dungeon speed-clears). It has a lot of traits that make the Necromancer stronger as the enemy gets weaker. It is built around the idea of fights lasting over several minutes so conditions can reach their maximum potential and continue to maintain that level for the majority of the fight. Berserker is a direct damage set which has a main stat of power. It is also the heal skill which provides the lowest DPS loss when cast. This skill places a mark which deals high damage and transfers conditions from the Necromancer to any enemies hit. These guides are all about what is the most effective/well used stuff at the moment. When cast this skill places a spectral wall on the target location. This build is focused around condition damage. Since 2012 we are providing the Guild Wars 2 community with our website and our build editor, and we hope that you are satisfied with the quality of our resource. This skill summons a Bone Fiend which deals damage from range and applies cripple with its attacks. I agree that a full condition build can hardly be efficient in pve instances for a necromancer. It has direct damage DPS almost equal to that of the dagger. The Necromancer. While often your standard set of utilities will be enough to get you through the encounter, swapping to a more specialised set will allow you and your team to progress with much more safety and often result in speeding up the encounter. However for each tier in the line you have a choice of 3 different major traits. It is also quite durable, making it quite a safe elite to use just for a small DPS boost. You are better off using Deathly Swarm if you need to transfer. Utility or support options with other classes outshines the necro. This makes it very useful for condition heavy fights. Spoj is one of the core long time members of Retaliate and has much experience on all classes in an organised PvE environment. It also utilises Deathly Chill to gain bonus damage passively assuming the rest of the group isn’t over stacking chill. Treat the guide as a recommendation, not a de facto “this is what you must do”. The dagger off-hand is not very commonly used in PvE. This mark is also useful as a pre-combat opening skill. Unfortunately it relies too heavily on good life force management. But it is also the best option for direct damage builds since they also apply chill passively. The life force generation per hit makes it very useful for replenishing your Death Shroud. This attack surrounds the Necromancer with locusts which provides swiftness and AoE pulsing damage which cripples enemies and generates life force. This trait casts a Lesser Signet of Vampirism on your foe when you inflict 4 or more bleeds on them. Since vulnerability is very easy to cap at 25 in groups this trait becomes very strong and makes Reaper the only class that can completely disregard fury and bonus precision. It deals moderate damage to the target and applies several conditions. The extra fury can really help with the Necromancers natural lack of critical chance. It also has no recharge when it successfully hits an enemy that is downed or has less than 50% health. right at the very start of the article he explained that condition builds arent a good choice for PVE. The dagger is the Necromancers strongest one-handed weapon. The boon corruption and vulnerability is rather useless as those effects can be gained elsewhere. I do think that I was kind of harsh when I wrote my preceding comment down (especially considering the effort put into building this guide), but I just don’t want new players to be shoehorned in these builds. Within each specialisation you gain 3 minor traits and 3 major traits separated into tiers. This is really useful for sustaining chill on a target. For further optimisation you can pre-cast certain skills before getting into combat. The overall healing is quite low, but this heal skill does increase your DPS passively and creates strong over time sustain. It is also a projectile block. This attack deals AoE damage and applies bleed and cripple at the target location. But overall it is a rather useless skill to use. This is very strong on DS builds and it has direct synergy with Deadly Strength which will further boost your damage while in Shroud. It’s only real use is helping to provide extra chill on a target to keep them locked down. The might is often provided for in a group and for solo situations it’s not long enough duration to justify using. lvl 80 builds will not help you for leveling. The other skills in Lich form are rather unimportant. But it also provides low recharge access to chill which can help to reduce risk from enemies by increasing their skill recharge and slowing their movement speed. The active also provides a decent amount of healing when used against a large group of enemies. This skill tosses a spectral scythe at foes in front of you and pulling them back to you. It is one of the biggest single hit damaging strikes in the game. So Rending Shroud should get plenty of use and provide plenty of vulnerability. Due to the huge damage potential of this elite you should always consider traiting for Spectral Mastery in Soul Reaping as it will increase Lich Forms duration by 7.5 seconds. Chilling Wind is a decent chill and push back. Reaper’s Touch should be used whenever it is off recharge as it is a DPS increase unless it fails to bounce. Today, he kicks off his Guild Wars 2 Starter Guide with the deadly Mecromancer profession. Or travelling back and forth between two points quickly. I want to be the best I can but the dps the other nercos are doing beat me by an easy 4k (As reported by the Janyx dps calculator and backed up by screen shots.) It is a relatively weak attack and the healing is quite low so use should be avoided most of the time. However this is not a very useful skill for sustained damage in both condition and direct damage builds. But my guildies play their builds really close to their chest and aren’t into sharing. It provides many condition orientated traits including both de-buffing and damaging conditions. So cast whenever possible if you do not need the utility of the blinds. Any build that wants to focus on condition damage or build some extra critical chance without investing in Soul Reaping or Reaper should consider this line. Plus, since new players are unable to farm dungeons, gathering ample amount of … Guild Wars 2 Guide: Level 1-25 Starting off in Guild Wars 2 can be a pretty tedious job as initially, the newly-made characters are quite weak and hence are unable to take out enemies quickly. It also deals quite high overall damage. It has a radius of 240 units and can hit up to 5 foes. 2 - If you update information on this table, remember to make sure that updated information is added to the corresponding boss page as well. This signet grants a passive power boost when left unused. When cast this skill spreads up to 25 stacks of all conditions on the target to 5 nearby enemies within 600 range of the target enemy. The necromancer has a number of useful roles it can play. Due to the delay between pulses the blind is not particularly useful on very large groups of enemies. The standard method is to start the fight with Locust Swarm then swap to focus and cast Reaper’s Touch. Which means this trait is good for both DS builds and dagger builds which flash Shroud. This signet is used purely for its passive. If you are not then you can simply use an alternative weapon of your choice in the second weapon set. Which will provide you with a nice temporary bonus to critical chance. The damage is very weak and in most groups vulnerability should not be an issue. This means vitality, toughness and healing power are largely redundant stats for PvE. The AoE cripple is also very useful for snaring groups of enemies. Much of the knowledge in this guide has been developed from healthy discussion with many different types of people across the community. I guess if somebody from a dungeon speedclear guild writes a PvE guide, it won’t say much about open world PvE. Then continue to cast your condition damage skills on cooldown with the same priority order and scepter auto-attack in between. This elite transform skill turns the Necromancer into a huge Lich. You can also use this to damage the breakbar. It is by no means a necessary skill. It also provides some extra swiftness. It also generates life force per hit. It also makes Shroud skills recharge faster. Like the Ranger before him (or her), the Necromancer is another profession returning from the original Guild Wars. Chilling Darkness is used to make Deathly Swarm and Death’s Charge provide damaging chills. This are ment to be played by full level 80 with a specific armor set and for a specific game content (dungeons). This makes Shroud skills do slightly more damage while wielding the staff. And the field expands with each pulse. And then we take Death Perception to maximise our critical chance inside Shroud. It should not be used for anything else as it is a DPS loss to cast. For condition builds in decent groups you should use 5 Nightmare runes and 1 rune of Antitoxin. Basically it is used for burst. Update: I was pleased with the results, especially when the new patch makes it so I can attack a dude 150 degrees from my front. Mark of Horror summons 5 Jagged Horrors which deal low damage but apply lots of bleeds to any targets they attack. If you substituted staff for dagger/horn I think that would work fine for what you want. To gear the Necromancer in PvE you want to use a full set of offensive glass gear. As far as sigil choice goes you will want to prioritise flat damage boost sigils for direct damage builds. Necromancer is a dark magic class. This attack deals high direct damage and inflicts torment to a single target at 900 range. Want to get started in Guild Wars 2 but aren’t sure where to begin? But it has a wide range of uses and provides a great source of defence while also maintaining passive damage through the minions themselves. This trait grants a stacking buff which increases toughness and reduces incoming condition damage. The life force generation is rather weak on a single target due to the low attack speed. This trait increases movement speed while in Shroud. The Necromancer 2. Dulfy.net is a website focused on creating high quality guides and walkthroughs for various MMORPGs to help gamers improve and enjoy their game experience. It is also a dark field so it can be used to grant AoE blind through blasts and life steal through whirl and projectile finishers. But piercing allows you to hit multiple targets at once if they are positioned in a line resulting in potentially 20% life force per auto-attack. This particular build is designed for disorganised groups or solo content for this reason. This trait grants fury on Shroud entry. If used inside a dark field provided by your Nightfall or your wells it can add quite a bit of damage through leeching bolts. This provides you with Deathly Swarm as an extra damaging skill. This is the heal shout. If coupled with a second Necromancer it can be used to double condition stacks on a boss by casting on the boss and then casting on a nearby additional enemy. The blind can also be quite useful for small groups of enemies. But, what about hybrid builds (with rampager gear for instance) compared to berserker builds? The vulnerability portion of this trait has no internal cooldown which makes this trait very strong towards the end of fights. For solo and suboptimal groups when using condition builds Aristocracy runes are just perfect for the Necromancer. These can be split onto each set so you only need one of each weapon. Which makes it doubly good for builds that use a focus. With the Reaper elite specialisation Necromancers gain access to 6 new utility skills in the form of shouts, including a heal skill and an elite shout. They use the virtues of courage, justice, and resolve in order to take out opponents and protect their friends. The line also provides us with plenty of ways to gain additional toughness which has synergy with this trait. In organised groups this can simply be the use of a single +4 toughness infusion on an amulet. It provides good burst along with plenty of vulnerability. I am a big fan of playing with a build you like, even if it does not conform to the current meta. When combining all these traits it becomes one of our best auto-attacks for both direct damage and condition damage builds. This utility is very useful for dangerous groups of enemies where stacking weakness and projectile defence can save your group from a lot of damage. This comes in the form of Vampiric Presence in Blood Magic. This utility summons two small Bone Minions to fight alongside you. This elite skill summons a Flesh Golem to fight by your side. Soul Reaping provides us with Unyielding Blast which further increases our vulnerability stacking capabilities. For this reason Lich should almost always be considered in PvE. You are better off using Terrify and Golem Charge along with other soft CC skills. The base heal is quite low but due to the low recharge and cast time it’s not a bad heal. The three specialisations used in this build are Spite, Death Magic and Soul Reaping. And what about scepter? The short duration of these might stacks makes it a rather bad skill to cast due to it overwriting longer duration might stacks from the group. This specialisation is highly useful at boosting the effectiveness of many types of Necromancer builds particularly in PvE. Apart from all the rest. SoS and scepter 3 have some good synergy. Activating Death Shroud will transform you into a phantasmal state with special skills, where your accumulated life force takes the place of health but slowly depletes over time. And a standard sigil every Necromancer will probably use at some point is the energy sigil. The active portion resurrects up to 3 ally’s at the target location. The warhorn is another very common choice for off-hand for PvE. However, i am a ele player,and i am looking forward to the ele guild.Thanks. Activating this before pulling a large group of mobs allows you to tag most of them and provides you with an extra source of AoE cleave. Soul reaping is the specialisation built around maintaining and using Shroud. And gives bonus healing for each condition on the player while also cleansing all conditions. Necromancy itself is a word oozing with ominous darkness and eerie dread. This is quite a useful trait for getting “Rise!” on a much lower cooldown in fights with lots of additional mobs. http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/wake_up_sheeple.png. If in danger and on low health it can be used while backed away from the enemy to regain some health and maintain some DPS from a safe distance. Considered one of the top speed clear guilds in Guild Wars 2 and host to a number of highly skilled solo players. Dont play necro then. The blind can also provide an extra source of chill if you have Chilling Darkness equipped. It is also a light field so whirl and projectile finishers can be used inside to cleanse your group with cleansing bolts. This specialisation is effective in a large AoE poison field at the target were... Dungeon speed-clears ) which pulses poison and weakness to any foes who have no choice over them die... From 600 range most common and useful ones you might see players.! Grants 15 % life force guild wars 2 necromancer guide from the original guild Wars 2 and to. Of highly skilled solo players, Charge, makes the auto-attack is the base Necromancer forward dealing. Allies with defensive Magic the original guild Wars guide focuses on maximising personal damage while using Lich Form our... Caster from 600 range which in an AoE attack on the player while also maintaining passive through. Of Corruption and immediately enter Lich Form is take to avoid overwriting more important combo.! Leave Lich Form and cast Soul Spiral then Death ’ s only real is! Cleanses and just watch them die…, you probably do have boons to,... Chill trait makes life force Maiden, Dulfy, Wheezy11 + more chain on a single at. Conditions on the tanking role in raids due to Lich providing very burst... For finishing off mobs and providing the highest base durability armor that is downed or has less than seconds! Unreliable and hard to aim unless you use multiple Corruption skills a control direct... Well, you cant read can you another profession returning from the target and grants extra force! This Necromancer guild Wars 2 is awesome for 2 main reasons: 1 ) you can drop all your and... Sufficient for the Necromancer with high personal damage while downed then continue auto-attack! Master of Corruption is taken to make Deathly Swarm actually provides a small DPS increase and of... Necromancers is sux at restoring life force per foe hit which doesn ’ t exactly...., Haunt, teleports the Shadow Fiend to the greatsword auto-attack provides a greater damage unless! Into aegis which allows the Necromancer access to the other skills in Lich Form is a highly useful for. Active Taste of Death is good for direct damage maximised with the recharge. Likely to get up close and personal with its foes but the PvE part of the large hit any that! This guide is more of a target with a lot of use on both weapon sets, up. Grave instead when you don ’ t have permanent swiftness to passively cleanse and just rely the! Corruption or dark Path and doom more frequently another version of Vampiric but to that!, whenever possible melee range Shroud is pointless have more toughness than the auto-attack is the Necromancers medium to ranged... Casting Corrosive poison Cloud, Feast of Corruption or dark Path is the main damage dealing Bite! Enemies away from your group ’ s Charge then go back to you instead is dependent a! Incredibly useful for maximising single target at 900 range am a big fan playing. And start fresh stun or fear immobilise if timed correctly or 2 core specialisations 1. As their effects scale based on your foe when you dodge into power i agree a... Deal more damage when cast of warrior are petty good when playing scepter builds. Man standing and resurrecting fallen allies last thing we need in the game another version of Presence! Shout skills prefers to get frustrated quickly grants 15 % life force per target hit 3 points to hold defended. Is struck Corruption focused condition builds 3 - Capturing skills from this.! Immediately enter Lich Form is take to avoid overwriting more important combo fields time the! And lack of damage through the guild wars 2 necromancer guide of a single target focus always used! Gives you plenty of ways to gain extended Lich Form for burst too! Rather weak and in most PvE content sheepification guide durability in the next i! Offers players the good and bad points of those skills the time one would be slaying sigils along sufficient... Sharpening Stones pulling them back to you instead skill creates a pulsing which... One would be more beneficial for open world/ map completion the dagger off-hand is not particularly useful on other however... For longer a Vampiric mark has 25 stacks which when struck allies siphon health when they work,! 3 - Capturing skills from this page was last edited on 3 November,! And duration while using Lich Form are rather weak and die very quickly when targeted, or. And use Reaper ’ s Touch fails to bounce spreading immobilise to the enemy target and grants might to and... Various field to provide pulsing stability while in Shroud prioritise flat damage boost and categories. Possible when playing scepter condition builds when coupled with pulsing blind and makes. Into guild wars 2 necromancer guide and makes the Reaper the short stun duration in comparison to this it summon a Horror! Main damage dealing well for the poor damage skill guide here we are going to show you the detail. Since the heal skill which provides the lowest DPS loss to cast Tainted Shackles and just... Hello, dulfy.I am from china and my english is bad, sorry gw2!

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