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The question I have is whether both of her parents need to sign the form … We know that we need to have a notarized consent form for traveling with a minor, and I know what needs to be included in that form. Title: Microsoft Word - Travel Letter_Many Kids.doc Author: Kyle McCarthy Created Date: 4/15/2010 5:27:48 PM See our Q&A parental consent. Parents Should Complete One Of The Forms Listed Below For Each Minor Child Under The Age Of 18 (At The Time Travel … For example, Mexico has a law that requires a child traveling alone, or with only one parent, or in someone else's custody, to carry written, notarized consent from the absent parent or parents. CRUISIN Resources submitted a new resource: Minor Travel Consent Forms - Parental consent forms for minors travelling without both birth parents. A Child Travel Consent Form is a legal document that allows a minor child to travel without both parents or legal guardians present. The Authorization For Minor To Travel Without a Parent or Legal Guardian Form authorizes an adult (age 18 and older) other than the parent or legal guardian to retain care, custody and control of a child during the span of a Disney cruise vacation. Permission Letter for Children to Travel. For cruises that depart a port in Europe, Asia, South America, New Zealand or Australia the adult must be 18 years or over. It can be used when a child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor, or … U.S. citizen children under the age of 19 arriving by land or sea from Canada or Mexico and traveling with a school group, religious group, social or cultural … Date:_____ I (we):_____ authorize my/our minor child(ren):_____ The parent is required to present the child's valid passport, visa (if needed) and the child's birth … Guardian, Or Parental Consent Form From Their Birth Parents To Exit The United States And Enter Most Foreign Countries. The name of the parent(s) and the child must be linked through legal documentation to go onboard a cruise. For travel by sea, your daughter only needs a passport card which is less … PARENT/GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM FOR MINORS Name of child: Child’s birth date: Ship/Tour/Property: Departure date: Number of days to travel: Return date: Name of parent or guardian: Phone number: Please list the countries the minor will visit during his or her travel: I/We hereby give my permission for the above named minor to travel. The child consent form is used to provide a parent’s consent allowing their child to travel with another adult. For all other countries for cruise departures, the adult must be 21 years or over. It is required for each child traveling without a parent or legal guardian. The consent form can be downloaded online and then sent by express overnight delivery in order to accelerate the process. LETTER OF PERMISSION CONSENT FOR MINOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18 TO TRAVEL … The parent or legal guardian must complete this form… As stated on the first page of this form, an immigration officer, airline, border guard or similar authority figure may ask for such a document to prove that the child isn’t being abducted by the adult accompanying them, and that the parent/guardian of the child … Consent forms cover all scenarios … We are traveling with our daughters best friend (14-years-old) on FOS this March. No authorization is needed if the child …

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