Rich Media Developments and Case-studies Sep05


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Rich Media Developments and Case-studies

In this podcast we take a look at rich media developments. My guests were  Graham Nolan, Head of Strategy at CKSK and Ken Nugent, Business Development Manager, RTE Media Sales ( Digital ) 

Among the items we discussed were:
The major rich media innovations that RTÉ Media Sales-Digital have developed across RTE’s digital platforms (including a full-page takeover campaign for  Aviva ). Global examples of great rich media innovations / some of the rich media work CKSK have done for their global clients. We explored the value that rich delivers to creative agencies and brands today, versus the limitations of static digital advertising typically used in Ireland over the past 10 years. The challenge of how to  unlock creative possibilities as well as commercial e-commerce possibilities within rich media are also discussed. And we ask the question whether rich media may actually substitute the need to bring people to your website at all.
      Persuaders 4 Sept