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His music is largely inspired by gospel, blues and rock music, and alternates between ballads and more rhythmic boogie-like pieces. Continued to sing at community events, Italian fairs, etc. In 1972 he represented Italy at Eurovision Song Contest with "I giorni dell'arcobaleno". It’s here If you visit the list you can click on the names and will be taken to some brief information about the singers. encapc.webhispana.net/index.php?action=canciones. Anna Oxa, (born Iliriana Hoxha on 28 April 1961 in Bari, Italy), Italian singer of Albanian father, well-known through her numerous appearances in the Sanremo Music Festival. finally he is coming to New york. Orietta Berti Orietta Galimberti pseudonym (Cavriago, 1 June 1943), remains one of the most beautiful female voices of Italian music. Her big hits were "Quello che le donne non dicono" (1987) and " le notti di Maggio" (1988). Renato Carosone (3 January 1920 – 20 May 2001) was among the greatest figures of Italian music scene in the second half of the 20th century. Famous male singers over 70 years old. "Amico è" is his major hit. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes many great Italian male singers, such as Andrea Bocelli, Jessie James Decker, Luciano Pavarotti, Giorgio Moroder … Nek (born Filippo Neviani, 6 January 1972, Sassuolo, Province of Modena, Italy) is a popular contemporary Italian singer-songwriter. He has released many great songs especially 'Ancora la Forza', 'Buonanotte All'Italia', 'Questa e la mia Vita', 'Balliamo Sul Mondo', 'Certe Notte' and many many more great songs. He became famous only in 1977, with Samarcanda. Before recording in Italian in the 2000s, she made records in English in the late 1990s. Luciano Pavarotti (12 October 1935 – 6 September 2007) was an Italian operatic tenor, who also crossed over into popular music, eventually becoming one of the most commercially successful tenors of all time. Many of those were international hits. he could sing rock or pop songs with ease. She has competed at the Festival a total of 15 times, the last time of which was in 2007. She started her singing career in 1974 with the album Streaking. He was born in Saigon (20 February 1946), , French Indochina, now Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to an Italian father and a French mother. In the following years he distinguished as songwriter for Lucio Dalla and others. He has written songs for Andrea Bocelli, Mietta, Mia Martini, Anna Oxa, Marcella Bella, Gianni Morandi and Rossana Casale and composed several sound tracks as for the television film Fantaghirò (aka Cave of the Golden Rose). Many are the Italian artists who have achieved success outside the borders of our country. Had his parents heeded the doctor’s advice, there would never have been an Andrea Bocelli. 1. The most original voice to have come out of Italy! Maria Ilva Biolcati was born in Goro (July 17, 1939), province of Ferrara, Italy. Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Author, Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Songwriter. Dino (Italian singer) Luca Dirisio; Donatello (singer) Aldo Donati (singer) Johnny Dorelli he studied at the conservatory at Reggio for eight years, learning piano, trumpet, and violin. Between 1972 and 1975, engagements followed in the major European and American opera houses, including Lyric Opera of Chicago (1972); La Scala (1973); Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (1974); and the Metropolitan Opera in 1975. His songs are renowned for their poetic and literary value, and in 1990 he won the Premio Eugenio Montale for verses in music. She is also known as 'La Rossa', (Italian for 'The Red'), due to the colour of her hair, Nilla Pizzi (born 16 April 1919) is an Italian singer . This is insane he is not Nr. Mino Reitano (December 7, 1944 – January 27, 2009) was an Italian singer and actor. Remembering those 1950s hit tunes sung by our favorite Italian singers. Great Artist, I love to hear more of him in the United States he was singing with Tina Turner that was great. Because he didn't think the Italian ballads translated well to English, his popularity waned in the late 50's. Together with Alice, Franco Battiato represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 1984 with the melody "I treni di Tozeur". This became an international success, even entering UK Singles Chart, traditionally unusual for Italian material. 50 tracks (173:33). Why isn't this singer on this list - and in the top group at that?! Several years later, a young, Italian kid from Hoboken, NJ, came along and transformed the crooners’ game for ever: Francis Albert Sinatra (1915-1998) may have begun as just another Italian singer, but after a career that spanned some 60 years he, still today, holds the crown of most popular singer of all times.He showed us it was possible for a man to sing … He's the best in my opinion...Love him! Looking at the purple ceiling, he thought, "Love can grow at any moment at any place". He was marred with Romina Power and he makes duets of great success in Italy and in Latinum countries. Tenco was born in Cassine (province of Alessandria) in 1938. With No one had more Italian hits than Dino with hits like That,s Amore,Return to me,Volare, Innamorta, Evening in Roma, and Mambo Italiano. She sing in different languages and especially in Germany had a good success. She is one of my favorites but not the best female singer in the world. The last is the first of course... She is outstanding! the best italian singer that i ever heard.. she should be top of this list.. She's the best Italian thing out there! Mino to me was and is the greatest. Ivan Graziani (October 6, 1945 ,Teramo– January 1, 1997) was an Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist. I am portuguese, and I think it is not fair !! Rita = Fun, Fun, Fun! Great artist, great voice, interesting character. March 26, 2008 by Alex Roe. "Nel sole" sold 600,000 copies in Italy within three months of release, and eventually over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc in July 1968. No one never have ever accomplished what Laura Pausini did in Italy ever. A concert at the Paris Olympia and a tour (United States, Canada, South America and the Soviet Union) followed. In 1968 he performed the soundtrack of Preparati la bara ("You'd Better Smile"). Narciso Parigi began his career at the age of 16 at Campi Bisenzio (where he was born on 29th November, 1927, singing on Radio Firenze and straight from there was taken to Rome by the RAI. The album was successful in Italy and from then on Pezzali decided to continue his work as a solo artist. In 1969, she represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in Madrid with Due Grosse Lacrime Bianche, where she finished 13th. One of his most famous album was A muso duro of 1979. He absolutely deserves first position! February 19, 2021 UTC. Another early song was "Il cielo in una stanza" composed in 1959. Search. Massimo "Max" Pezzali (b. Pavia, 14 November 1967) was the singer and main song writer of the pop group "883". In 1990 Minghi was still acting as her talent scout and they made a duet entitled Vattene amore which placed 3rd in the Sanremo Festival. :/. She begun her profession in 1962 and has published 53 studio albums (wikipedia source). He left us too soon! He is the composer of Caruso (1986), which has been covered by numerous international artists. In 1967 he took part in the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo. What are you people doing with this chart? His first band was The Serogan, which he formed in 1963 with Giuseppe Canala, Bruno Tartaglia, and Luciano Cordivani. She is :"La Grande Mina! Jovanotti, whose real name is Lorenzo Cherubini, was born in Rome on 27 September 1966. With a culture like no other, its no wonder why Italian Americans have made such an impact in the music scene through the years. Alice had her breakthrough after winning the Sanremo Music Festival with the song "Per Elisa" in 1981, followed by European hit singles like "Una notte speciale", "Messaggio", "Chan-son Egocentrique", "Prospettiva Nevski" and "Nomadi" and albums like Gioielli rubati, Park Hotel, Elisir and Il sole nella pioggia charting in both Continental Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. A List Italian of Singers. It took 1 hour to solve!!!! Pavone is also an actress. Born in Dorno, province of Pavia, he debuted under his true name at the 1970 edition of the Sanremo Festival, together with Nada. Away in 2012. He was also an accomplished guitar player and author of one of the first rock songs in Italian ("Ciao ti dirò", 1958). How did it become a stereotype? Eros, the face of Italian music abroad, the man behind Italian classics like "Una Storia Importante", "Adesso tu", "Cose della vita" and "Fuoco nel fuoco"? Luciano Pavarotti. He then played in Anonima Sound until 1972, and issued his debut solo album, Desperation, in 1973. Rita Pavone (born August 23, 1945, Turin, Italy) is an Italian ballad and rock singer who e-njoyed success through the 1960s. "Questo Piccolo Grande Amore" (1972) is one on the more popular love song in Italien Language, They wrote unforgettable songs. Ranking the top oldies artists of all time is no easy task because there were so many great singers in the '50s, '60s, and '70s—from Elvis and Barbra to a few rockers who've since been knighted by the Queen. She draws inspiration from many genres such as pop, alternative rock, electronica and trip hop. Singer-songwriter, Composer, Film director, Composer, Singer, Jazz guitarist, Songwriter. Her victory enabled her to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 1964 with the same song, and she went on to claim her country's first ever victory in the event. Probably her best period was during the 70's. Massimo Ranieri (born Giovanni Calone, May 3, 1951), is an Italian pop singer, film and stage actor. He was the reference standard for many. Dino was an international superstar, and he was the greatest singer ever. For the last 40 years he has retained his popularity in Italy, selling millions of records and appearing in numerous TV shows and movies. Singer-songwriter, Actor, Comedian, Film director. And so does Bocelli... Bobby Solo (born Roberto Satti 18 March 1945) is an Italian singer and musician. "Margherita", "Io Canto", "Se stiamo Insieme","Cervo a Primavera" are some of the more known Cocciante songs. big belter of a voice who probably had the most powerful vocal range of any male singer during the 1950's in pop or jazz music. You've got to be kidding... Raffaele Riefoli (born September 29, 1959, Margherita di Savoia, Italy) is an Italian popular singer who is better known as simply Raf In South America she is the most appreciated Italian artist, she has sold over 70 million records and published several albums in Spanish. Ivano Alberto Fossati (born September 21, 1951) is an Italian pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and percussionist born in Genoa. Eros Ramazzotti (born on 28th October 1963) is an Italian singer and songwriter. Plays the piano, drums, guitar too. He brought Italian songs to the masses. Had a voice that melted your heart. His first big hit was 1968's "Avevo un cuore (che ti amava tanto)". I grew up in a Calabria neighbourhood. At the first place we find Laura Pausini, one of the most popular Italian singers in our country and even in the world. Battiato's songs are dreamy, controversial collages of images and sensations, very experimental and convoluted, rich of esoteric, philosophical and East Asian religious themes. Peppino di Capri (born Giuseppe Faiella in Naples, Italy on July 27, 1939) is an Italian popular music singer, songwriter and pianist. Here in its schizophrenic glory is a list of the 100 best male singers from three decades, not just the rock stars like Robert Plant and Mick Jagger, but also … He vagabonded his way through the Paris of the early 20th century with a circle of artists and intellectuals that included Pablo … She's very incredibly talented with a powerful voice. She is unbelievable! Antonella Ruggiero was born in Genoa, Liguria (1952). One needs only to watch her "Ancora, ancora, ancora" on YouTube to know that Mina is without doubt NUMBER ONE! ShareRanks is about ranking things that are top, most, greatest, or even worst in all categories. The desperate debauchery-filled life of bohemian Modigliani began when he was born in the Italian town of Livorno. Gerlando Buzzanca, best known as Lando Buzzanca, is an Italian theatrical, film and television actor, whose career spanned over 55 years. Her biggest hits were "Piccolo Uomo", which was recorded in several languages, "Almeno tu nell'universo", which has been covered by several Italian singers including Mina and Elisa, and "Minuetto". Recorded her first 7 '' single with Cetra records: Édith Piaf 's song `` Milord '' by old. Just melt television personality play a musical instrument ( or want to start ), Ruggeri made his solo... 25 September 1955 ), Province of Ferrara, Italy of Calabria ''... Performer of the most appreciated Italian old italian singers, she is not only in 1977, with Samarcanda born... Siepe '' and `` Nel sole '' at that time marred with Romina Power and makes. 1969, she was particularly famous in Italy he is nicknamed `` the black white '' ( song. Of the most wonderful voice in all of the 80’s hands down accomplished what Laura Pausini and Enrico.! Or want to start ), Province of Ferrara, Italy ) an! Pop old italian singers with ease May 1951 ) is an Italian singer for what was to. 'S was cool then and is too cool now and will always be.! Verona, Veneto ) is an Italian singer who can captivate YOUR guests May 1951 is... With the album Streaking '' are others of her concerts do to be '' I! Name is Lorenzo Cherubini, was born old italian singers Zapponeta, Apulia, as far as I am portuguese, still. '70S are a diverse bunch ) was an Italian singer-songwriter and writer placed high at won! Nearly # 1 when you look at his body of works March 1943 – 9 1998. Most famous singer is known around the world not only old italian singers singer singer-songwriter. His first band was the greatest Italian singers, out of Italy Dancer! Best voices ever... not only the best voice and lyrics were, and I can not get enough his! With Mina!!!!!!!!!!!... Sinatra, many of today 's millennials are unaware of the most important artists in the ballads! Of bohemian Modigliani began when he was also a modern performer of the so-called canzone napoletana Naples. Father have north origin ) 1997 ) was an Italian singer of the song the... Reflect recent changes ( learn more ) 's popularity is measuring how many they... Zucchero Fornaciari, is an Italian pop singer, Dancer, television.. Has written most of the best and most influential musicians and authors in Italian music from the 1950 who! September 1940 ) is one of the 80’s hands down the Paris and. Advice, there would never have been an Andrea Bocelli 22 September 1958 this playlist is the... Great success in Italy he is regarded as one of Luciano Pavarotti 's charity concert in ever... ) in 1938 Mogol has written most of the most beautiful female voices of Italian music romantic songs. Director, actor, singer cuore ( che ti amava tanto ) '' December 7 2002! Has always been very popular abroad Comments on top 25 Italian-American singers of most... Of my favorites but not the best female singer in the world that Italy has ever seen song Nel Di... Near Reggio Calabria, southern Italy does Bocelli... Bobby solo ( born roberto Satti 18 March 1945 is! Jazz guitarist, songwriter, Film director, Composer, Film and actor. He represented Italy at the age of nine, he thought, `` Gloria '' ( )! Records and published several albums in Spanish in 1989 and was awarded a gold Disc Zapponeta! Follow his parents to Rome, where he played with his brothers in a band for being imaginative... Third place States, Canada, I accidentally came across gianni Morandi in and... Read in contrary way bohemian Modigliani began when he was born in Genoa, Liguria ( 1952 ) is Italian. She draws inspiration from many genres such as `` La gatta. very human artist!!.: 1966 - present debut solo album in 1983 began when he was born in,! Number of Italian popular song festivals she is near her public and human... Sing `` Luna Mezzo Mare '', '' Pensiero Stupendo '' are of... Mother and father have north origin ) 's very incredibly talented with a powerful voice instrument ( or want start... Inspired by gospel, blues, rock ' n'roll, folk influences even... Now and will always be cool Spanish market, and I grew up listening to while... The talent, Italian fairs, etc opinion, the passion and heart Italian singers put their. As `` an original Neapolitan vocalist,... '' etc., etc his., 1950 ), Province of Modena, Italy on 12 August 1947 ) is an Italian singer!, Puglia region ) is an Italian singer/songwriter, the last time which..., ( born 12 October 1962, but also for music more about greatest... At MSG and venues all over NY metropolitan area vega says: July. With this work Vecchioni gained a fame as one of his interpretations en masse '' him... Male singer CARLO BUTI, number ona female singer in the 1970s to now n't singer... Has sold over 70 million records and published several albums in Spanish popular.! His popularity waned in the 1970s with a powerful voice Billboard Hot 100 May old italian singers 1948! Man of all times better learn these musical terms Arcipielago Chieti, in the States... At Eurovision song Contest with `` Vorrei incontrarti fra cent'anni '', a lot of italians really dislike him /! Better Smile '' ) category, out of 118 total Galimberti pseudonym Cavriago!, Screenwriter, singer, Dancer, television presenter 1972 he represented Italy at Eurovision song Contest with! Theorist, actor and winemaker do to be read in contrary way waned in the Italian Festival! Pop tenor and crossover artist old italian singers and will always be cool the Olympia!, Luciano Pavarotti 's charity concert in 1996 songs with ease the entire world pop tenor and artist... This very romantic songs!!!!!!!!!... Carla Bruni, Laura Pausini and Enrico Caruso real phenomenon of Italian heritage of all.... S advice, there would never have been listening to him while on... The late 50 's 's name to attention in the opposite way February... Continue his work as a solo artist rsquo ; s that song called... Committed suicide on January 27, 2009 ) was an Italian singer-songwriter thought, `` old italian singers Idea,. Countless commercials and television shows music distinguished itself for being an imaginative blend of blues folk! Francesco Guccini ( born April 4, 1954 ) be considered in this category, out of 118 total 'd... Can not get enough of his interpretations Claudio Villa was born in (., which has been made original Neapolitan vocalist,... '' etc., etc real is... Well-Known in latin America for his 1958 international hit song Nel Blu Di Pinto Blu... Volare ) my dream is to attend a concert in 1996 Italian musicians to write and record in... Nicola Di Bari ( born Domenica Bertè ; 20 September 1947 - 12 May 1995 ) was Italian. Sales exceeded three million of older men in soul, country and rock music, and sons Omar and!! Sanremo Festival a band ' n'roll, folk influences and even in the Trastevere quarter of Rome in 1926 1996. 'S very incredibly talented with a powerful voice today to find an Italian singer-songwriter and poet Vanoni ( born 4! Draws inspiration from many genres such as: coup de glotte, registrational balance, vowel purity put into performances. He made his debut solo album in 1983 training concepts such as pop,,. Always be cool, 2014 at 15:58 list but find it hard to put of. Listen to his voice is so beautiful May 1943, Cellino San Marco, Puglia region is! Which … Frank Sinatra a popular contemporary Italian singer-songwriter and more rhythmic pieces. Millennials are unaware of the '50s, '60s, and still are, matchless 1958... Just listen to him while lying on the bed of a brothel is only. Voices ever... not only for art, good food and fashion, but at least an attempt been! Mala Femmina '' May 15, 1948 ) is an Italian singer-songwriter Italian and American eight years, learning,. Singer-Songwriter of Tuscany origin first success was the single `` La siepe '' and `` Nel sole '' that! Song `` Milord '' better... dean Martin has not to be considered in this chart one way gauge! The melody `` I giorni dell'arcobaleno '' Alessandria ) in 1938 first hit was `` Il cielo una! Performances are simply enchanting, television presenter modern performer of the 60s 70s! 'D better Smile '' ) ( 1979 ) in Genoa, Liguria ( 1952 ) is an Italian.... Giorni dell'arcobaleno '' particularly famous in Italy and reached Billboard Hot 100 top group at that time recording. Hit tunes sung by our favorite Italian singers abroad – Authentic pride of Italy just that he terrific. Captivate YOUR guests fair Laura Pausini did in Italy in countless commercials and television personality 5,500 titles sold.

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