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why costco stopped combo pizza

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Costco has had to make some big changes in recent months, and they stopped serving some of our favorite food court items, including pizza … But probably a cost issue, too. Costco has always been a great place to eat on the cheap, whether you're looking for a healthy sized slice of pizza ($2) or its legendary hot dog/soda combo — … What is the difference between the combo and the cheese or pepperoni one that they had to stop it? Probably they weren't selling well enough any more. One of the healthier options Costco added to their food court menu shortly after doing away with the Polish dog was the acai bowl, which is a vegan snack comprised of granola, berries, and other goodies. Perhaps it is s regeonal thing and only your costco stop selling whereas in other areas it does sell well. For those of you who don't know, most Costco warehouse stores sport a food court and one of the best sellers is pizzas offered in your choice of cheese, pepperoni, or combination for $9.95. Costco (NASDAQ:COST) members love its food court. “Not everybody gets as excited about pizza and hot dogs as I do,” chief executive W. Craig Jelinek said at a shareholder meeting in January, according to the newspaper. However, all that is about to change with Costco's new food court menu; and get this, they are getting rid of a crowd favorite. I was just at Costco and asked why they didn't have the combo pizza, they lady told me it was gone forever and not a temporary thing due to the Corona virus. Get your Costco hotdog and pizza fix for now, practice safe social distancing, hand washing, and other common sense measures while we all … There was an employee close to the entrance the other day that was telling people to "Stop by and pick up a pizza!" She added: "unless enough people complain about it" They still had cheese or pepperoni and their computer-menu showed pepperoni and sausage but said it was out of stock. Each warehouse has one, offering hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches, churros, ice cream, and a handful of other things all at very low prices. I picked up a Combination Pizza, sometimes called a "supreme' at other pizzerias, which is topped with a fairly standard mix of pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, olives, sausage, and mushrooms. For some Costco shoppers, a shopping trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at the retail giant's food court to grab the famous hotdog and soda combo or chicken bake. I asked her about the combo pizza and she told me that it was a matter of too many ingredients and too many chances for "contamination" during the pandemic. The Polish hot dog is going off the menu to make space for new food items, Costco's chief financial officer, Richard Galanti, told the outlet. Combo Pizza MIA [USA] Okay can someone explain to me why Costco stop making the Combo Pizza?

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